An Interview of 42nd US President Bill Clinton

Hundred Percent Interviews: – While you were president, did you ever consider defecting to Nicaragua?

Bill Clinton: Absolutely not. I never even considered it for a second. As much as I love Nicaraguan culture and especially Nicaraguan women, I’m an American, and I’m loyal to the American government.

– That’s great. But if you had to defect to one country, what country would that be?


– Describe your relationship with Hillary.

Hillary and I have a great relationship. Sometimes we look in each other’s direction. And every one in a while, we talk to each other.

– Do you live together?

Hell no. I live with my mistress, Sally. I mean, I live with my matress, Sealy.

– Do you have a mistress?

To the best of my recollection, I do not have a mistress. But it depends on what the meaning of the word “is” is.

– What do you think of Donald Trump?

Well. The man is our President, and I hope he succeeds in office.

– Someone once stated that Trump is a narcissitic douchebag. Would you agree with that assesment?

Not only do I agree with it, I think it should be printed on all of our currency.


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