An Interview of Boxing Champion Oscar De La Hoya

Hundred Percent Interviews: – Why did you retire from boxing? Is it because you don’t like to take off your shirt and then stand next to another shirtless man?

Oscar De La Hoya: No. I actually enjoy that aspect of boxing, as well as the aspect of kicking some guy’s ass, especially if that guy is in the habit of running his mouth and claiming that I’m not a real Mexican. But, you know, I retired from boxing because, I mean, boxing is a job that’s way different from, say, working at McDonald’s.

– How so?

Well, first of all, boxers don’t get a discount on McNuggets. And second of all, boxing is not one of those jobs you can just do year in and year out for a really long time. You know? At some point it’s just, you hang up the gloves and go find something else to do.

– Like what?

These days, I run a company called Golden Boy Selfies. It’s a very successful company. The company, Golden Boy Selfies, is one of the most active companies in the United States of America.

– What does the company do?

Well, it’s a company where I take selfies and I put them on Instagram. Golden Boy Selfies.

– Golden Boy Selfies?

I call myself the Golden Boy, because I won a gold medal at the Olympics. It’s a very clever name, I think.

– How is Golden Boy Selfies a business?

Because. I’m Oscar De La Hoya.

– Do you think Donald Trump is racist towards Mexicans?

I think Donald Trump is a man who’s very confused about what Mexicans are actually doing in this country. He says we’re drug dealers. But guess what? White people sell way, way more drugs than Mexicans do. I mean, I buy all my drugs from white people. I don’t resell the drugs, either. I use them myself, or I throw parties where I provide drugs to the guests.

– Who goes to the parties?

Mostly Mariah Carey and Dr. Phil. But the point is, Mexicans are not drug dealers. The average Mexican deals less drugs than the average non-Mexican. The average Mexican is gainfully employed, and works 55 hours a week. And I’m talking real jobs. Like electrician, or painter. As for white people, a lot of them sell used cars. That’s not a real job. Most Mexicans have jobs that add value to the economy.

– You’re Mexican, and you take selfies for a living.

I’m one of maybe two or three Mexicans who take selfies for a living. You know how many non-Mexicans sell used cars? 478,000.

– What’s the toughest fight you had in your career?

Well, I mean, there were a few wars. The one with Clubber Lang comes to mind.

– Isn’t Clubber Lang a fictional character from the movie Rocky III?

When I was a fighter, my motto was, “I’ll take on anyone, southpaw or orthodox, boxer or brawler, real or fictional. It doesn’t matter.” Yeah. I fought fictional black guys like Clubber Lang, I fought real Mexicans like Julio Caesar Chavez, I fought real black guys like Pernell Whitaker, and I even fought fictional Mexicans like Don Flamenco. He’s half-Spanish, half-Mexican, 100% fictional. I KO’d him.

– What’s your favorite TV show?

Almost anything on Animal Planet. I also watch a lot of YouTube videos. You know Jenna Marbles? I like her channel. I’m subscribed. I’m a subscriber.


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